Biotone Massage Lotions for Any Modality

Each and every massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist and Reflexologist is different. Whether you need maximum glide or maximum friction, prefer organic products or want to pamper your client's skin, the variety of Biotone massage lotion at provides an answer to any need.

A time-tested, trusted name in the therapeutic bodywork industry, Biotone is allied with the American Massage Therapy Association, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Biotone is favored by massage therapists and teaching institutions nation-wide not only for superior, consistent product performance but also for Biotone's ability to listen to and meet the needs of many different therapists and their favored modalities.

Biotone products are neither greasy nor tacky, allowing you to achieve a smooth, interrupted glide more suitable for your work and your client's comfort. Biotone strives for products requiring minimal re-application while providing maximum re-absorption once the session comes to an end. Your session flows beautifully, you use less product and your clients will not complain about oily-feeling skin.

All the Biotone massage lotions offered by are designed with your client's skin in mind. Careful blends of natural oils such as apricot, jojoba, avocado and kukui nut oils come together to form richly emollient, smooth lotions that nourish your client's skin, not to mention your hands. Products like Cocoa-Comfort Lotion are even specially designed to maximize the benefits for your client for a full skin-revitalization experience.

Biotone understands that no one lotion fits all therapists, and offers a range of Biotone products for you to choose from. The Biotone range features easy glide lotions for modalities such as Swedish massage to deep friction products like the Deep-Tissue Lotion. Lotions for the face and even the mild analgesic line of Polar Lotion are also available from MassageWarehouse.

Practitioners with concerns about their lotions' ingredients can feel secure using's Biotone products. Many Biotone products are paraben-free, and hypoallergenic and unscented options are available. All Biotone products use primarily all-natural ingredients, and the Pure Touch Organics line utilizes organic ingredients for earth-friendly practices. offers almost all Biotone massage lotions in a variety of sizes with reasonable shipping rates. Enjoy the freedom of choice with products you know you can trust by choosing Biotone lotions from


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