Behind the Scenes: A Career in Film

If you love movies and enjoy writing stories and scripts of your own, a career in creative writing for film might be for you. As with any career, however, this takes education and preparation to have the skills employers are looking for when hiring writers to work on their staff. Remember that film programs come in several different forms, so with a little help; you can find the right path for you.

Creative Writing Major     A career in film

One way to get into a career in film through your creative writing is by majoring in creative writing in college. While there are a variety of courses you will take for a creative writing major, such as non-fiction, fiction and poetry, you should also choose to take courses directed specifically at a career in film. Examples include courses in scriptwriting, playwriting and plays as well as other film and theatre classes in your school’s film programs.

Film Studies

Another direction aspiring writers can take in college is a major in film studies. A film studies major will focus on the cultural, social and political perceptions of film. In addition, you will take courses on creative writing for film. Film programs often include courses on the history of film and other technical aspects of the industry.


One of the best ways to get into the film industry is through gaining experience in the field. Look for internships in the film industry, preferably in the creative writing field. While an internship may be unpaid, you will gain invaluable experience learning exactly how the film industry operates and gain important contacts that may be able to help you get a job later on.

Keep Writing

Above all, keep writing. Remember that all writers face a lot of rejection in the course of their careers, so don’t let rejection slow you down. Focus on writing screenplays and ask others for feedback and information. Consider joining a professional organization, such as the Writers Guild of America (WGA), where you will find important resources, contacts and information about the industry.

Remember that any career in film requires patience, skill and hard work. If you love creative writing and want to join the film industry, do your research, take courses in available film programs and be willing to pay your dues. After all, success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

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