Anaheim Solar Panels Are Part of the New Era in Energy

Anaheim solar panels are changing the way residents of Anaheim, California obtain energy.  Solar panel consultants now build trust with every installation.  They take responsibility in the industry.  They deliver uncompromising standards.  They learn from experience and research ways to improve.  They rely on teamwork, to help their clients succeed.  They love serving Anaheim residents and are passionate about delivering dynamic energy solutions. 

How do they serve California residents?  One of the ways they do this is through rebates and other incentives.  Yes, instant solar power savings are within your grasp.   Some rebates may be as generous as an agreement to install Anaheim solar panels for $0 down, or up to $1,000 instant rebates on installation. 

Major national banks may also offer rebates on installation of solar power.  There may also be state and local rebates available for residents or commercial entities that elect to have solar energy installed on their property and buildings.   The new Federal Stimulus Bill now offers a tax credit worth up to 30 percent of the total cost of the solar power system for homeowners. 

Instant savings can be observed on the first energy bill received after installation.  Instead of a bill, many actually receive money back from their old company by selling solar power to them.  So instead of a bill, they receive money back each month!

Anaheim solar energy has backing, including the likes of Wells Fargo, Rob Meyers, Orange County, and REC Solar Plus others.  For the 2012 year, Wells Fargo is offering up to a grand in incentives for customers who advance a line of credit or home equity loan through select solar energy companies. 

Orange County, California boasts that they are now running on over 67 percent solar power as of 2009.  In addition to savings, residents are helping to reduce the impact electric energy has on the environment.  Along with reduced installation costs of up to 50 percent, residents can look forward to reduced energy bills for the long-term future. 

Anaheim Solar Panels by VerengoSolar

Think of the long-term effects going solar has on the environment and the pocketbook.   With major companies, such as Wells Fargo, major product manufacturers, and automobile manufacturers getting in on the energy revolution and installing solar energy systems on their buildings, you know things are happening!  Solar energy is saving both the environment and the economy.  Between new, less expensive systems and solar energy incentives, solar energy is now an affordable solution to powering the future.


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