Adding Color to Your Rooms with Window Shades

In days past, many people used drapes and curtains to decorate rooms and help keep the sun's rays from overtaking. The problem with drapes and curtains is that they faded and collected dust and dirt. You would have to pull them down and take them to a dry cleaner. You may have found yourself purchasing new ones once a year.

Window shades are a better option than the dreaded curtains and drapes.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colors that will add a special touch to all the rooms in your home. There are shades manufactured that will completely darken a room, which can be very beneficial to a night worker. There are specially designed woven window shades that allow you to see out, but no one can see in. If your home has a lot of woodwork, you can purchase shades that are made of high quality woods. These will match your interior.

The window shade technology has grown to the point that shades are made in a cordless fashion. This helps to protect little children who could grab the cords and endanger themselves. Being remote control is one technological breakthrough with window shades. You are watching your favorite TV show and the sun suddenly blinds the screen; just pick up the remote and lower that shade without leaving the comfortable position you’re in.

You might say that you have arched windows and shades and shutters are not designed for them. They have been designed. You can now purchase Cellular Arched Window Shades made just for those arched windows. They also come in a variety of color choices.

Shades are now made for many of the designs architects have imagined. You can even get sliding panel blinds to cover that sliding door or french door to give a whole new atmosphere to your living area. Shades have been designed for skylights and bow and bay windows. The possibilities are endless and the designs and colors will go with any decor.

Pack up your curtains and drapes. Add some color to the rooms in your home with window shades or shutters. They are easier to clean and you will be happy you did.

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