A Guide to Massage Therapy Supplies

Massage therapy has become a thriving business in America due to the number of studies conducted and published in medical news periodicals that demonstrate how a massage can improve the overall health of your whole body. Many individuals have gone back to school to receive special training to start up their own massage therapy business. In order to have a successful business that not only makes money but provides a beneficial service to your clients, you will need some specific massage therapy supplies.

A massage table is one of the most important massage therapy supplies you will need when starting up your own massage therapy business. You need to find a table that is portable and comfortable for your clients. People go to get a massage for the health benefits; this includes both the physical and psychological benefits. Simply put, your clients want a relaxing experience. You will need a table that is well padded and that provides the right amount of support for the body so that they can rest and relax while you give them a massage. Make sure you have a table that has supports for the knee area and especially for the head.

You will also need some type of supply closet to store all of your massage therapy supplies, such as the oils you use. You can also store a number of other items in the cabinet or closet. You can put towels and additional massage table sheets in the cabinet so that you have them ready and on hand whenever you need them. One of the keys to running any type of successful business is being organized. A supply cabinet will enable you to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

One of the most essential massage therapy supplies are linens for the massage table. Massage table sheets will either make or break the experience for your client. You want to have linens that are comfortable and soft, such as cotton or bamboo sheets. You can get different knit thickness for sheet sets that can keep clients warm if you are working in a cooler environment or if the person is by nature prone to get cold.

You will also need to keep some lotions and oils that are soothing and that can reduce the friction of your hands during the massage. You want oils that produce a soothing, relaxing experience and help to enhance the person’s massage and that will leave them wanting to come back again.

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