Event Details

This course is designed to increase awareness about health and safety for a broad spectrum of workers who work in industries with potential exposure to infectious materials and provide an opportunity to apply and demonstate those skills using actual PPE from learner institutions. Topics include:

  • Understanding key elements of the chain of infection
  • Recognize basic facts about selected infectious diseases
  • Identify how workers in affected occupations may be exposed
  • Define key steps in worker protection and infection control
  • Understand relevant government standards, regulation, and guidelines
  • Compare and contrast the utilization and benefits of PPE available from various learner institutions
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose appropriate PPE for selected pathogens using Pathogen Safety Data Sheets
  • Don and doff appropriate low output PPE for EVD using an approved low output EVD checklist
  • Evaluate peers' adherence to the low output chekclist and ability to don and doff PPE without being contaminated

  • When: Tue Mar. 6
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

  • Address: Conference Center
    Belden MS,US 38826

  • Web: Visit Website